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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, let us answer those.

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a visual examination of a home's major structure, systems and components that are visible and safely accessible. The home inspector should adhere to a standards of practice that outlines what should be covered during a general home inspection and what is excluded. Some inspectors may strictly follow the standards of practice while others may exceed the standards and inspect other items, or perform a more detailed inspection. Whatever the inspector includes in their home inspection should be discussed prior to the inspection. The inspector should be able to provide you with a copy or online link to the standards of practice they follow. The inspector should provide you with a written report, which may include photos and/or recommendations of their findings.

Why should I get a home inspection?

Buying a home is an investment; usually one of the largest investments you'll ever make. With investing in a home, it is important to get a home inspection that will discover and document any defects that may not be obvious to a potential buyer. Such defects can range from simple replacements or repairs, to severe damage or safety and health concerns. Additionally, most mortgage companies require a home inspection on a property before approving the home loan.

How long does a home inspection take to complete?

Some of the major factors that will determine the length of time a home inspection will take include the home's age, size, and location. Additionally, the home inspector's work protocols and ethics may factor into the length of time the home inspection takes. Generally, home inspections take between 1.5 to 4 hours. 


Adding square footage, outbuildings, or ancillary services (such as mold or radon testing) will increase that time. It may be necessary for your inspector to bring in assistance for a large property. If your general home inspection takes less than two hours, it may indicate that the inspector was not thorough enough.

Should I be present for the inspection?

Though not required, Humble Beginnings Home Inspections encourages you to be present for your home inspection. You can learn a lot by following along with your inspector through the home. You will certainly gain a better understanding of the home's condition, maintenance, systems, and components, which will give you insight into its potential sale points and defects.


If a home inspector insist that you are not present for your home inspection, please consider hiring a different home inspector. 

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